May 30, 2009

Something I always look forward to.

Every Memorial Day Weekend, a group of pilots gather for an event that they look forward to all year long. The Watsonville Fly-in and Airshow is held in Watsonville, CA and accommodates about 100-250 antique and classic aircraft and their pilots, as well as an eclectic military display and some of the best airshow performers in the circuit.

This is something I began attending with my dad when I was 11 years old, shortly after he bought his plane. 5 years later, at 16, I flew to the Watsonville Fly-in by myself on a student pilots' license and won the youngest pilot award.

This fly-in is still something that I enjoy attending on a yearly basis with my dad and all of our pilot friends. It's always a fun-filled event (save the weather, which is most commonly overcast and 50 degrees every Memorial Weekend) with tons of entertainment for all - provided either by friends or by harassing the 13 year-old wanna-be army kids who "patrol" the airport and keep us pilots all in check (sometimes even keeping us away from our own airplanes because they can't tell us apart from the general public.)

Anyway, in light of having a new and very kickass video camera to shoot with, I decided to put together a little sample of what the weekend is all about for us. I hope you enjoy it!

Camera Operator: Trevor Meeks

Many thanks go out to the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) - also referred to as the Fantasy Air Group - for putting up with all of our crap. You kids are going to make great rent-a-cops some day.