December 11, 2006

Day 5:
We left Tallahassee this morning around 8:45am with beautiful weather and nice tailwinds. The weather briefing that I received earlier in the morning informed us of a weather system moving along the Louisiana/Texas border, which would not enable us to make our original intended destination of Huntsville, Texas tonight. I re-planned our flight to New Orleans Lakefront airport, which is on Lake Pontchartrain on the North side of New Orleans.

Although the flight from Tallahassee to New Orleans lasted about 2 hours and 45 minutes, Warren fell asleep about half way through, and discovered that the shoulder harnesses in the airplane make it extremely comfortable to take an in-flight nap!

We landed around 11:15am in New Orleans and called my cousin Christiana, who we met up with for lunch during her lunch break from work. Warren and I took Christiana's car when she went back to work, and drove down to the French Quarter to check out the sights and walk around the Bourbon Street vicinity.

This evening, we went to dinner with Christiana at Landry's, the restaurant where her boyfriend Joe works in the French Quarter. I had Blackened Shrimp & Crab in some sort of amazingly delicious Creole spicy sauce, then a huge plate of Crab Cakes which I was unable to finish, but I'll save them for breakfast tomorrow.

We are spending the night with Christiana, her boyfriend Joe and their dog Dixie.