December 10, 2006

Day 4:
Again, another 8am wake up call, and another early taxi to the airport. Warren and I de-iced the wings of the plane with a towel, and by the time our pre-flight was done, the temperature had risen to around 50 degrees; the warmest temperature we had seen for the past few days.

We departed Wilmington around 9:45am and flew about two hours to Beaufort, South Carolina where my friend Scott Thomason is based at the Marine Core Air Station. We had brunch with Scott, then took off and continued South.

Warren called home somewhere near Charlotte, South Carolina (Below)

A few hours later, we landed in Quincy, Florida which is North of Tallahassee. After topping off the fuel and talking to a few of the skydivers there, we flew South to Tallahassee, where the FBO there got us a hotel for the night.

We will depart tomorrow morning around 8:30am, and we are hoping to make it to Huntsville, Texas tomorrow night.

The hats are from Mike Dupont, who did the pre-buy and annual inspection on the plane in Taunton, Mass. Thanks Mike, we couldn't have done this without you! Hats off (or on?) to you!

Thanks to everyone for following us along on our adventure. The blog seems to have become extremely popular, and Warren and I appreciate all of the support and encouragement!