December 7, 2006

Day 1 of our journeys technically started lastnight, when we boarded the JetBlue flight from Oakland, CA to Boston, MA and departed at 10:35pm PST, arriving in Boston at 7:04am EST with very little sleep or nourishment.

We boarded a train, which took us from Boston to Lakeville, MA, which is near Taunton, where Warren and I were going to pick up the plane.

We met up with Mike Dupont, who worked on the plane and inspected it for me before I bought it. After talking with Mike and some friends of his, I took off to get myself current in the new plane, and shot a few landings with the brisk crosswind at the Taunton airfield. Needless to say, my first few landings in the plane weren't the prettiest things in the world, but at least I made it back in one piece for lunch. I did more flying after lunch, and finally ended up taking Warren around the pattern a couple of times before deciding that we would depart Taunton this afternoon, more than 12 hours ahead of schedule.

The weather was perfect today in Taunton, with 10mph winds and clear skies. We departed Taunton and flew Southwest over New Bedford, Newport and then turned West heading for New York City, where we quickly realized we wouldn't arrive until after dark. We ended up landing in New Haven, Connecticut just after sunset, where we tied the airplane down and got a hotel for the night (that's where I am right now.)

Mike e-mailed me a couple of photos, which are attached in this post. We took photos with Warren's camera today, but I don't have my SD card reader with me. I guess we'll use my camera tomorrow, or whenever we get the heck out of here. Cold weather is expected to come through the area tonight and tomorrow morning, so we may or may not get out tomorrow afternoon.